Thursday forecast: PRs and KOMs if the widowmakers don’t get you

Everybody’s talking about the Flash Flood and High Wind Warnings for the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you see what I see in the Thursday hourly forecast for San Jose, California?

San Jose CA hourly forecast for Thursday, December 11 2014

This chart shows a prediction for 30 MPH winds from the south beginning at about 6 AM, but the rain probably won’t begin in earnest until around noon.

Plan your northbound personal records accordingly, and watch out for falling trees and flying debris. Drought stressed trees will fall and shed large limbs during this storm.

NWS wind forecasts Thursday December 11 2014

et cetera

  • I now have an experimental map visualization of my trail conditions data for Santa Clara County, California. The trail conditions are monitored and updated hourly. I think we can guarantee flooded trails Thursday evening, but with this map you can see when the trails are clear after the storm has passed. Guadalupe River info is the most reliable. Los Gatos Creek is perhaps the least reliable, since flooding happens because of runoff from the roads instead of the rising creek.
  • The Walk Vigil planned for San Jose City Hall beginning at 12:30 will take place rain or shine.
  • A fun video features my friend Lady Fleur biking and riding the train to work at the bottom of this story. The video includes a cameo of Yours Truly beginning at the coffee shop.
  • Do you hate donning soaking wet cycling apparel at the end of the day after a wet morning commute? I recommend this gizmo for the office to dry your shoes and gloves. This one does have a fan so ensure you have an out-of-the-way spot so you don’t bug the co-workers.

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