Where’s the stadium bike parking, Santa Clara?

You might recall that the Santa Clara Stadium Authority told the public they planned 422 bike parking spaces outside of Dignity Health Gate (aka Gate C) and another 328 spaces outside of the Intel Gate (aka Gate A).

Levi's Stadium bike parking

Ever since the connection between the San Tomas Aquino Trail and the parking lot opened up the other week, I’ve hunted in vain for the promised bike parking. Instead of bike parking, I see dozens of freshly painted car parking spots.

Here’s the view of the parking lot looking towards the Dignity Health Gate (Gate C).

where's the bike parking, Santa Clara?

The Levi’s Stadium parking information page tells me to find bike parking in Red Lot 1 (near Gate “A”) and Red Lot 6. I didn’t find anything that looked like bike parking anywhere in Red Lot 1. I can’t access Red Lot 6, which is the fairways at the Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club.

I’m glad to see the Stadium Authority still plans valet bike parking, but I’m a little bit concerned about the invisible bike parking. What’s the plan, city of Santa Clara?


  1. Yeah, really. What’s the plan, Santa Clara? I rode my bike to the Open House for seat license holders on Friday July 25th. The web site said the San Tomas Aquino Trail would be closed and took the detour they suggested to Stars & Stripes Road.

    When I pulled up to where the cops were directing traffic at Centennial, I asked about bike parking. His response: “That’s a first.” I started to ask another question but he told me to keep moving.

    Fortunately, I knew that there was a bike rack at parking garage by the tennis courts. And fortunately I was one of the few who rode to the event so there was a spot for me that maybe holds six bikes. Some incentive to do the right thing to reduce the impact of car traffic and parking.

  2. Will San Tomas Aquino Trail be closed for every event? That would be unfortunate because it is the best way to reach the stadium on bike. The alternatives are major arterials that are hostile places to bike.

  3. Very sneaky, sadly one can’t expect more from sports minded people.

    We can turn them in to the MTC to fulfill their legal obligation to provide bike parking to reduce the massive added trips and pollution, climate change they are already causing.

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