Bike light giveaways in San Jose CA

Two December bike light giveaways in San Jose: December 14, and December 18. Details below.

The city of San Jose, CA Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee will have their annual free light and helmet giveaway this Monday, December 14th, from 4:30 – 5:30 pm, in front of the King Library in downtown San Jose. Their goal is to reach those most in need of these items, who otherwise would not be able to afford these themselves. Please pass word along to those you know who don’t have lights. If you don’t need the helmet or light, don’t snag an extra for yourself just because it’s free. Leave it for somebody else who might not be able to afford an inexpensive light. Okay?

free bike lights giveaway San Jose CA

If you want to see something really cool, San Jose Bike Party #lightmeup are a group of Bike Party volunteers who use their own money to buy lights and install them on unlit bikes at Bike Party. They distributed and installed 200 lights at the November “Glow In the Dark” ride.

You can donate to the Bike Party LightMeUp effort through PayPal via this page. More info is also available on the Light Me Up Facebook page.

My automated tool that grabs the top selling bike gear for the previous week also tracks bicycle lights. The top sellers tend to be cheap junk, so buyer beware and read the reviews.

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