Bollywood By Bikes, via Brooklyn

Reading this report of air quality data censorship in New Dehli reminded me to look into the status of bike culture in the popular culture of the subcontinent. To wit, what has Bollywood done with bicycles, lately?

When I came across this video I thought “Cool, Bollywood does hipster bike music videos now.” The cast seems a little more diverse than is typical for South Asian popular media, and no bikes appear until after a full minute into this video.

Bollywood Does Bicycles in Brooklyn

New Yorkers probably already have noticed we’re not in India. I only began to suspect after I saw distinctly American traffic signs. I knew for sure we must be closer to Kansas than the Taj Mahal when I saw “20 MPH” marked on the pavement.

Reading the video description, I discovered this video was produced by the Brooklyn Colored Girls Dance Team, a mix of trained dancers and amateur enthusiasts.

Okay, it’s not India, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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