El Camino Real: 2 cyclist fatalities this week

We lost two people this week who were riding their bicycles on El Camino Real in Santa Clara County, California. This is two more than we usually have in a month countywide.

El Camino Real at San Antonio Road bicycle crash location

The first was a 12-year-old boy in Sunnyvale, who police say ran a red light at 10 P.M. when he was struck by a motor vehicle at about 10 PM on Monday night. The youngster perished on Wednesday morning.

An adult male also passed on Wednesday from injuries he received on El Camino Real at San Antonio Road in Mountain View, CA the previous Friday. Police say the man was westbound on El Camino Real crossing San Antonio Road when the driver of a 2002 Honda Civic in the fast lane on northbound San Antonio plowed into him at about 7:30 P.M. Mountain View Police are still investigating this collision and seek the public’s help.

Condolences to all of those involved and their loved ones.

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