Electric skateboard regulation for California

The state of California currently prohibits electric skateboards from all public roads and sidewalks. California AB-604 modifies the California vehicle code to legalize and regulate operation of electric skateboards in the Golden State.

Much of the language is lifted straight from the vehicle that regulates the operation of bicycles, such as:

  • A person operating an electrically motorized skateboard upon a highway has all the rights and is subject to all the provisions applicable to the driver of a vehicle” and “an electrically motorized skateboard is not a motor vehicle.
  • California’s mandatory bike lane law applies to skateboarders and includes the same list of exclusions.
  • CVC 21202 (California’s Far-To-The-Right law) becomes CVC 21302 for skateboarders, and also includes the same exclusions.

Republican Kristen Olsen from Modesto, who has been seen (illegally) riding an electric skateboard in Sacramento, introduced a similar bill last year. This year, she sought and received bipartisan co-sponsorship from other Assembly members, including from my liberal bike-riding, tree-hugging representative, Democrat Mark Stone of Santa Cruz.

Read full bill here. I’m curious what you think of this bi-partisan attempt to expand road rights to more users.

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