San Jose District 4 runoff today until 8 PM

The runoff for San Jose District 4 City Council takes place today until 8 PM. From an active transportation perspective, you have a choice between two decent candidates in this runoff between Manh Nguyen and Tim Orozco. In fact, I Walk I Bike I Vote took the unusual step of endorsing both candidates, so you can choose your candidate around other issues you might support.

Tom Orozco and Mahn Nguyen San Jose District 4 runoff

The incumbent D4 council member, Kansen Chu, vacated his seat after his inauguration into the California Assembly last year. Chu promptly embarrassed his district with the introduction of his very first bill proposing flashing white tail lights for cyclists. Happily, Chu staffers met with and listened to state cycling advocates, after which he modified his bill to something significantly less insane.

Orozco and Nguyen both say they support policies to encourage active transportation and traffic safety and demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the issues, which is a wonderful breath of fresh air for District 4.

Manh Nguyen (Campaign slogan: “He’s Our Manh!”) fled Vietnam in 1975 when Saigon fell to North Vietnamese forces. He has the support of the local political establishment and can be considered the more fiscally conservative candidate.

Life-long San Jose resident Timothy Orozco has a history of community service. His base lies among the politically progressive wing of the Democratic Party with endorsements from the Sierra Club, and local labor leaders.

Do I live in District 4?

This is the San Jose District 4 map, which includes Berryessa, Alviso, and North San Jose.

San Jose CA District 4

D4 residents can find your polling place and ballot drop off locations at

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