War On Cars

Cyclelicious has been bringing you a near daily collection of cycling and transportation related news, opinions and tidbits since 2005. Watch for this week’s roundup below the photo of the Syrian rebel fighter on a bike.

Please participate in this call to action to allow cycling across the Mojave Desert in California, which is currently restricted.

WaPo WonkBlog: The myth of the American love affair with cars.

You all heard of Boris Johnson’s plans for Europe’s longest bicycle superhighway. London taxi drivers consider a legal challenge to those plans.

A Livable Streets Council District 4 candidates forum for the city of Los Angeles.

Today was winter bike to work day in Boulder, CO.

San Jose SOFA First Friday walking tour of SOFA coming up on February 6, 2015.

A fanboy stalks Bill Nye’s 1982 Bianchi Pista and posts the photos online.

Washington state Senator Curtis King wants to toll cyclists on the 520 bridge bike path.

Putting this on my to-read list: Apartment living with bicycles.

bike thief bike review

Bike thief leaves positive review of the victim’s bikeprojects to create more livable streets can’t be funded.

Upstate New York Mayor says winter cyclists should be arrested as a “clear and present danger.” Good grief.

Bike lanes maybe on tap for Indianapolis.

Swastikas and racist epithets spray painted on bike paths in Northhampton, MA.

My bike buddy Lady Fleur will speak about Bike to Shop Day at the Bike Summit coming up in May.

Quick note: San Jose Bike Train will be one year old next week. Please plan to join the ride on Wednesday morning if you can!

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