10th Anniversary SF2G Bayway Ride on Thursday

10 years ago yesterday, Brett Lider of Google announced the first Bayway ride to an internal bike discussion list at Google that would eventually morph into the public SF2G ride announcement list.

Bayway 10th Anniversary Ride

Ride leader Brett Lider (still of Google) says “We should celebrate by riding bikes.” The ride departs 6:30 A.M. from Ritual Coffee on Valencia at 21st. This week’s Bayway route will be via Feral Cat Freeway “along with the ‘game ‘goon,” per Lider’s ride announcement. Assorted former riders and old-timers say they plan to join this 10th Anniversary Ride. There’s a slight chance of rain so dress accordingly. Pace will likely be brisk. As of this writing, 28 people have said they plan to join this ride.

SF2G is the loosely knit group who regularly bike the 40+ miles from San Francisco down to Silicon Valley. Riding that distance early in the morning is more fun in a group, so SF2G was created to facilitate these group ride meetups. Learn more here.

H/T Jason for the heads up.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Richard. The pace will be friendly and all are welcome. A decent number of folks are riding down halfway and then back up to the city, so it is a good ride option for city workers, too.

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