Bike Santa Cruz County seeks Executive Director

Bike Santa Cruz County’s Executive Director is moving on, so this bike advocacy group seeks a new director to continue the work of making this coastal California community a premier cycling nirvana.

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You have until the end of the business day on Monday, August 22, 2016 to submit your application. You can review details about Bike Santa Cruz County and the job qualifications at the job announcement page. This is a full-time salaried position with benefits.

I’ll tell you the staff are all super motivated, easy to work with, and amazingly creative. I know three of the nine Steering Committee members fairly well, and they’re also fairly easy going.

There’s a lot going on both in the city of Santa Cruz and throughout the county. The politics here can be “interesting.” We have a county transportation tax coming up on the November ballot (which Bike Santa Cruz County will support, I’m told) and a commuter rail proposal that is becoming more controversial and will generate headaches for all involved.

We also have several very involved stakeholders and partners throughout Santa Cruz County which the bike hippies at Bike Santa Cruz County have historically worked fairly well with. The office off of downtown Santa Cruz is a dump, living here is fairly expensive and it doesn’t pay a tremendous amount but I think it’s a pretty good gig for the right person. The entire downtown is often saturated with bikes.

H/T to Tawn who runs youth programs for Bike Santa Cruz County.

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