Calling Silicon Valley quaxers (and wannabes!)

The totally FREE Second Annual Cargo Bike Festival takes place Sunday, November 6, 2016 at the Armory on North 2nd Street in San Jose, California from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

San Jose Cargo Bike Collective

René Netter says he organized the Cargo Bike Festival because “There aren’t many Cargo Bikes in the U.S. and in order to pick the right one, it is important to test ride them, to see how well they are made and to talk to other people about them in order to find out about their experience. Otherwise, one could end up buying the wrong Cargo Bike for the wrong situation, which really would be a shame and a waste of a lot of money.”

He invites local cargo bike owners to bring your wares to this festival. Did I mention it’s free? They have some costs to cover so they appreciate donations.

If you know anybody dealing with, using or making Cargo Bikes or trailers, there is still time to register, which can be done at the web page above. You will get a 10 x 10 foot stand and you can post something about yourself or your organization and how you use Cargo Bikes on the Cargo Bike Collective website.

Tell your friends, bring your friends, and post the Facebook event to your Facebook page. A helmet and signed waiver are required for test rides, so bring a helmet.

Image courtesy of Cargo Bike Collective.

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