Chemical warfare against bike thieves!

Introducing … the SkunkLock! This awesome San Francisco invention shoots a vomit inducing chemical spray when cut.

skunklock = bicycle u-lock with chemical spray

Twenty dollar locks are essentially worthless in San Francisco and elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cyclists now use hundred dollar locks for their superior protection, and thieves have upped their game in this arms race with more expensive tools to cut through even the priciest locks. Even “connected” locks with phone alarms are now easily bypassed by savvy criminals. The next step in this evolutionary game is chemical warfare.

Skunklock’s inventors claim their lock is safe, strong and legal. There’s no chance of accidental release of the chemical spray. According to the inventors, SkunkLock is as strong as the strongest u-locks on the market with best-in-class shackle and locks. They also say they’ve reviewed laws in the markets they intend to sell to, including internationally, and believe their product to be legal.

To learn more, visit SkunkLock crowdfunding page. Shipping is anticipated to begin Summer 2017. H/T to Mr Quinn who saw this story at the Guardian.

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