Cycling in San Jose: Serious injuries for one, fatality for another

We had two traffic collisions involving people in bikes in San Jose: one early Saturday morning resulted in a fatality for a 49 year old man, while Monday evening’s crash sent a young man to the hospital with critical injuries.

Southbound 1st at Mission, San Jose CA

Injury collision Monday

I saw the firetrucks headed to 1st Street last night for a crash that was initially reported as a pedestrian vs car. A 20 year old man on a bicycle apparently ran the red light on Mission at First near the Civic Center light rail station. The 49-year-old driver of a black Prius was driving fast enough in this 25 MPH zone to put the young man in the hospital with critical injuries. The driver, according to news reports, is cooperating with the investigation.

Fatal collision Saturday

49-year-old Fred Figueroa was the victim in a fatal collision at 3:27 A.M. on the morning of Saturday, July 9, 2016 at Senter Road and Capitol Expressway. Figueroa is the 21st traffic fatality in San Jose for 2016, and the third to have died while riding a bicycle. Both Senter Road and Capitol Expressway have been identified as “Safety Priority Streets” in Vision Zero San Jose; these are the three percent of streets responsible for 50% of traffic fatalities in San Jose. The driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with police in the investigation.

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