Hey Planetizen: NASCAR racers already promote responsible driving!

VeloNews: NASCAR and bicycle safety

In an April Fools Day posting, Planetizen joked about NASCAR’s participation in the “20 Is Plenty” campaign, which advocates slower speeds and responsible driving to help keep other road users (and especially people on foot and on bike) safer.

The advertisement campaign and public service announcements will feature Matt Kenseth, driver of the 20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing. “Focusing on the number 20 is a concept I can get behind,” said Kenseth at the press conference announcing the campaign. “But when you’re driving through my neighborhood, focus on not going above 20 miles per hour. I have kids.”

Initial fan reaction has not reflected NASCAR’s sudden, surprising interest in the personal safety of automobile travelers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

The funny thing is that a number of NASCAR racers are hardcore road cyclists who already ask their fans to be careful when they’re driving off of the track. Back in the day, Bobby Labonte talks about his aggravation of close passes. More recently, Scott Lagasse Jr, Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, and Josh Wise led a cycling awareness ride with Tim Johnson in St Augustine, FL.

I encourage you also to look at the Racers Who Ride Foundation, a non-profit organization in which bike-riding Formula racers encourage motoring fans to keep their high speed shenanigans on the track where it belongs.

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