This is so crazy I’m surprised to see it on Kickstarter: Yannick Read has rigged up a ceremonial blank cartridge to explode when his bike or motorcycle is moved. This gizmo can be yours for about US$71, plus shipping.


Read calls this the “World’s Loudest Alarm” and, at 150 decibels, he’s probably right. The triggering mechanism simply slaps a firing pin into the end of the cartridge and BOOM!, the thief, you and your neighbors all hear a gunshot in close proximity. Police may not respond to reports of a bike theft, but they’ll certainly respond to reports of a gun.

IANAL, YMMV, TWIAVBP. Mr Read claims his bike alarm is safe, legal and reliable, at least in the UK where he lives. The responsible side of me is compelled to note that ceremonial blanks may fall under the prohibition against fireworks in many California counties; note that the common exemption for blank cartridges are solely for their use in “ceremonial purposes, athletic or sports events or military ceremonials or demonstrations.” Local law enforcement may dislike responding to calls about gunfire in your neighborhood. Use in a crowded area might cause a panic response. Update: I’m told this likely falls under California’s law against boobytraps, which says, in part: “Boobytraps may include, but are not limited to, guns, ammunition, or explosive devices attached to trip wires or other triggering mechanisms, sharpened stakes, and lines or wire with hooks attached.”

The completely irresponsible person in me imagines some of the possibilities, like setting up a bait bike and wait with a video camera.

For more, visit Kickstarter: BIKE MINE: the ultimate alarm to protect your precious stuff. Via Joe Flood.

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