More keyless bicycle wheel locks

After posting about the Kyrptonite keyless wheel security devices yesterday, I learned similar products have been on the market for years.

Zefal’s “Lock’N Roll” locking skewers and seatpost clamp have apparently been on the market for about a decade. Unlike the Kryptonite WheelBoltz and WheelNutz, these are quick-release levers, so no tools are required.

zefal lock and roll wheel locking skewers

When the bike is horizontal, you can’t open the levers. You flip the bike up vertically and a pin drops out so you can open the levers to adjust your seatpost or remove your wheels.

OnGuard has a similar product they call the MinPin.

OnGuard MinPin bicycle wheel locking skewer

Like the Zefal Lock’N Roll, these are a seatpost clamp and wheel skewers with quick-release levers that can open only when the bicycle is nose-up in the air.

Like I mentioned about the similar similar wheel locks from Kryptonite, these are probably suitable only for short-term parking, and ideally where the bike is out-of-sight for no more than a couple of minutes. The lever style of release on these skewers might seem preferable to the Allen wrench required for Kryptonite’s locks, but several online reviewers report that while their wheels aren’t stolen, thieves break the skewers attempting to force them open. For better security, I recommend proprietary tool skewers such as those available from Pinhead or Pitlock.

Some of these apparently are easily defeated: While the lever side locks, for example, the non-lever side can be forced open with vise grips. Several users also report the locking pins can be moved with magnets. Finally, they may not be suitable for use in freezing conditions: water gets inside the locking mechanism, freezes the pin in place, and you’re stuck with a flat tire on the side of the road unable to remove the tire.

I saw the OnGuard MinPins at REI, so I know they’re carried there. I don’t believe I’ve seen the Zefal skewers in any bike shop, but they’re available for special order. And, of course, you can help me at Cyclelicious by purchasing online:

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