National Bike Challenge begins Sunday

TL;DR Summary: Click through to the National Bike Challenge, login or register, and link your account to Strava, MapMyRide, or Endomondo so your stats are automatically updated. If you don’t use these tracking apps, you can log your miles manually. It’s easy, and it’s kind of fun. Keep reading for more details.

National Bike Challenge 2016 begins May 1

PeopleForBikes announces the fifth annual National Bike Challenge in partnership with Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle Products Brand. The Challenge will unite 100,000+ bicycle riders to pedal 75 million miles from May 1, 2016 until September 30, 2016. The 2016 Challenge offers a redesigned look, new user experience, simplified registration, and more prizes!

The National Bike Challenge is an online platform, free for everyone to use to log their miles and celebrate riding, while finding inspiration to ride more often. The Challenge brings together tens of thousands of people who bike across the country who share a love of bicycling. You can sign up for free at to compete as an individual, or sign up your workplace, school, or team.

“The National Bike Challenge is so much more than a competition. It is a motivator, a team-builder and a great way to strengthen the bicycling community,” said PeopleForBikes President, Tim Blumenthal. “PeopleForBikes brings people together to create a powerful, united voice for bicycling and its benefits. When you sign up for the National Bike Challenge, you help make bicycling better for everyone.”

The Bike Challenge began in 2011 as a thing for Wisconsin by Rob Gusky, a research engineer at Kimberly-Clark who’s also an avid cyclist and board member for the League of American Cyclists. He’s that guy who shows up to bike meetings dressed unabashedly in Lycra, and his infectious and dogged enthusiasm for a good idea resulted in sponsorship by his employer and before long it becomes a National Bike Challenge, woo hoo!

The National Bike Challenge website remembers your previous registration. If you’re new to this, registration is easy. After you register, feel free to click through to my profile so you can virtually stalk me.

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve tried the new team bike challenge site but I think they hired the original Obamacare site team. It’s useless now.

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