How to download your ride video connects to your Strava profile to create ride videos after each Strava upload. It’s a fun toy to review the terrain of your ride, but sometimes I want to add audio to share the video with friends. How can I download the source video so I can create these edits?

For these instructions, I’ll assume you’ve gone through the preliminaries of creating a Strava account and connecting it to

The resulting video has no audio. Here’s how you can download the source video so you can add audio and otherwise edit the video. I should point out the Copyright on the generated video is owned by Relive; I’ve asked if I (and you) have permission to modify their video like this. I’ll update this post when I receive a response.

  1. Ride your bike and log the ride to Strava. After a while, you’ll receive an email with a link to your ride video. The ride video page looks something like this. how to download video for editing

  2. View page source. On a PC, you can right-click the web page (and outside of the video area). Look for “view page source” or “view source.” Drop downs with “view source” options are also available on mobile platform browsers. how to download video for editing

    Click that “view source” from the list, and you’ll see a page of code. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. You can click on these example screen captures for larger views. how to download video for editing

  3. Find the MP4 video link. Search within the source page for the text “mp4.” On Windows and Unix / Linux systems, you can do this with “CTRL-F” and enter “MP4” in the text box. how to download video for editing

  4. Highlight and copy MP4 link. You want that first MP4 link. Highlight it and copy it. The link should look something like this: how to download video for editing

    Now paste that link into your web browser. You’ll either see the video appear (as in my screenshow below), or the download might begin for you automatically. how to download video for editing

    If the MP4 isn’t automatically downloaded and begins playing within the browser, you can right-click in your browser window again, select “Save As” and save the MP4.

    If your browser launches a separate video app to play the video, you still may need to “Save As” from within the app. From Windows Media Player, you can do this by pressing “Ctrl-M” to get the full menu. On Android phones, the video file has been saved to the Download area of your phone. Apple products are completely opaque to me; if you’re familiar with those products I’d love a description in the comments.

  5. Create your video. Launch your video editing tool, have fun, upload to your favorite video sharing service.


  1. Another easy way is to open the link in phone browser like Chrome or Safari. There, you can long press the video to see the download option. Once downloaded, you can transfer the file to your computer using the USB cable.

  2. This is so helpful tips. I tried it and it worked. Sri’s idea is also fine. Thanks both of you.

  3. Easiest way – click on share to instagram, then it will save to your phone, after that you hv choice to post on ig or not.

  4. really well explained! Congrats!
    I don’t have a computer, will try to download using my phone (:
    Did you got the answer from the app?

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