Road closures this weekend: Santa Cruz, Santa Clara Counties

With dry and sunny weather this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay region of California, I’m sure many of you will hit the road. The latest atmospheric river did a number on several coastal and mountain roads throughout the region. I’ve collected information from various resources to plot closed roads in the counties of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz.

Other nominally open roads may have heavy debris and severe damage – watch out for mud, large rocks, trees, pot holes and sinkholes, because they’re out there. Water over the road may hide hazards. Control your speed on downhill runs.

Because most major highways out of Santa Cruz County are currently closed, expect to see heavy traffic on the few, normally empty back roads (e.g. Old Santa Cruz, Glenwood & Mountain Charlie, Branciforte,) that might be open. Conversely, Highway 9 and 152 might be a delight to ride on to the closure area.

Some of the roads may be passable by bike (or on foot), but please avoid active slide areas and live wires. I’ve also heard crews working the mess on Highway 9 may allow cyclists to pass through; the videos I’ve seen show mountain bikers carrying their bikes as they wade through several feet of mud. Your mileage may vary.

The above map is good as of 2 P.M. Friday afternoon using information from Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, and Caltrans. Refer to those resources for the latest info.

I don’t have info on San Mateo County roads, unfortunately. Monterey County maintains a list of closed roads at their public works website. Santa Clara County Public Works updates their old-school telephone message road closure list once each afternoon about 4 P.M.; call 408-494-1382.

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