San Jose Pop Up Bikeways

The city of San Jose will demonstrate two-way pop up protected bikeways along 4th Street across downtown from San Salvador Street to St James Street next Monday afternoon.

San Jose Popup Bike Lanes 4th Street

Volunteers under the direction of city staff will pop up temporary protected bike lanes of different types on both sides of 4th – all between St. James and San Salvador, allowing them to try different things on different sides of the street. They use spray chalk, planters, cones and other objects to create these temporary bikeways.

SVBC plans a group ride on these lanes either the evening of Friday August 11, or Saturday morning on August 12. Stay tuned for details after they’re ironed out.

For more, visit the Facebook event page: Pop-Up Bikeway in Downtown San José.

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  1. What happens when a two-ton vehicle plows through “spray chalk, planters, cones and other objects” at 40 or 50 MPH as often happens? Compared to a simple white line? I’m amazed that people are considering any of this stuff “protection.”, Ride so that the SUV changes lanes to pass.regardless of what San Jose puts in place.

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