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Who dropped California Bicycle Coalition sponsorship?

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On Monday, I received this note from the California Bicycle Coalition regarding the helmet discussion with the California legislature:

The problem is that, as you may know, a mandatory helmet law for adults is controversial in California, especially within our own membership. We have lost quite a few donating members over this, including a few major donors. But frankly, we would rather have 100 members who give us $10 and are against mandatory helmet laws than a few members with deep pockets who would push for a law that moves bicycling in the wrong direction.

I wonder who these major donors might be?


Study: Dramatic drop in head injuries when cities implement bike share

TLDR Summary: In spite of the grossly misleading framing given by study author Dr Frederick Rivara, a long-time helmet advocate, the latest head injury study from Seattle shows total injury rates and head injury rates drop dramatically in cities that implement bike share programs, compared against control cities without bike share.

Nursing Professor Janessa Graves’ look at head injury rates published in the American Journal of Public Health earlier this week has received significant publicity both in the mainstream media and among those who seem to think cycling is a dangerous activity.

Bay Area Bike Share launch in San Jose CA