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Conservative politician scandal!

The Right Honourable David Cameron is a Member of Parliament and leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom. The Daily Mirror newspaper followed Cameron with a hidden video camera as he biked to work. Watch Cameron’s scandalous behavior here for which Cameron was forced to publicly apologize!

Props to Pinch Flat on this Good Friday, who is also doing a count down of most awesome YouTube bicycle videos.

Vote early and often for cycling funds

The UK Lottery will make £50 Million in funding available to the project that receives the most Internet and mobile phone votes between now and December 12. The British walking and cycling campaign, Sustrans, and other UK cycling groups are campaigning heavily for people to vote for the allocation of these funds to the abitious Connect2 program.

While you can’t vote often, Carlton notes that the voting registration site does not ask for UK residency and obliquely hints that American cyclists (*nudge wink*) might help their British cousins in this voting. The other three projects vying for funds are an urban park in the industrial rust belt north of Birmingham, an artistic and educational village in Cornwall, and a project to protect the oaks in ancient Sherwood Forest.

Read more at Quickrelease.TV.

Bicycle evangelists and a contest

First of all, a VERY QUICK CONTEST for SF South Bay people only TODAY (October 31) ONLY. It’s kind of a scavenger hunt: I’m volunteering at a game booth at the Blackford Neighborhood Community Fun Fest which takes place TONIGHT at First Church at 878 Boynton, San Jose, CA. The Fun Festival is tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (I think). I’m giving the first three people who track me down at this Fun Festival a $10 REI gift card, which I will send via email. You must show up with your bike, you must give me your name and email address (which I won’t share with anybody except REI), and you must allow me to take your photo on/with the bike that I can post to Flickr and to Cyclelicious. Show up at the Community Fun Fest at 878 Boynton Ave, find me after about 6:30 p.m. (ask the people with name tags for “Richard”, and win. Please note that the event is for children and families.

This is interesting news from the UK: Hello, I’m your personal travel adviser. Can I persuade you to get on your bike?

The doorbell will be ringing unexpectedly in millions of homes from next year as an army of government-funded “travel advisers” tries to persuade people to switch from driving to walking, cycling and public transport.

If you are out, they will keep coming back and will call up to ten times, even in the evenings or at weekends.

They will ask you about your travel habits and will offer advice tailored to your journeys, including maps for walking and bus timetables.

If you appear unconvinced, they will offer incentives such as discounts at local bike shops and outdoor stores and free pedometers to measure how far you are walking.

Read more in the London TimesOnline.

Cycle Hero winners

Carlton posted the Cycle Hero video contest winners the other day. I missed the original Cycle Hero promotional video, however. This is a one minute video shown in British movie theaters to promote cycling during CTC’s CycleHero week last summer in the UK. The CTC is the national cycling organization in the United Kingdom. Here’s the two minute extended version.

The CycleHero one-minute Cinema advert was directed by award winning short filmmaker Paul Fuller and features the voice of newsreader – and President of CTC – Jon Snow. The ad was funded under Defra’s ‘Tomorrow’s Climate, Today’s Challenge’ initiative, produced by Sauce with music from brothers John & Simon Andrew.

The film aims to raise awareness of the impact of transport choice in helping combat climate change. This is done in a positive fashion by highlighting the simple fact that cycling is good for you, good fun and good for the environment.

Props to Warren at Commute By Bike.

UK Cycle Show 2007 photos

Carlton Reid has attended Cycle Show 2007 in London, the “UK’s greatest cycling show” featuring a high energy fashion show and (of course) more bike stuff than you can shake a frame pump at.

You can view Carlton’s photos from the UK Cycle Show here at Picasa, or view a slideshow accompanied to some cool music here at YouTube.

UK-based BikeRadar also covers news from the UK Cycle Show here and here and here.

Singletrack World also reports on the world of British mountain biking at the London Cycle Show here. Singletrack World blog entries about the show are provided by Mark and Chipps, who writes about “many shiny distractions.”

The Guardian provides the mainstream media spin on Cycle Show.