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Sea Otter 2017 Stories: The Legend of Joe Breeze

I arrived early for the 2017 Sea Otter Classic with vendors still setting up at Laguna Seca Raceway. I’m getting the lay of the land in the morning chill when I see a grandfatherly gentleman by himself unloading boxes and adjusting bikes at the Breezer Bikes tent and, whoa! It’s the legendary Joe Breeze himself!

I caught Joe Breeze setting up at the Breezer Bikes booth at #seaotterclassic early this morning. He reminisced about Jobst Brandt's quirky mansplaining personality.


2012 Breezer Venturi

Test ride the Breezer Venturi road bike at the Sea Otter Classic.


Breezer announced this reincarnation of their population 90s road bike back at Interbike 2011. It features curvy hydroformed yumminess (the first hydroformed CrMo steel, says Breezer product manager J.T.) to give exceptional stiffness and strength where it counts while offering steel’s unbeatable ride quality. I didn’t get a good photo of it, but you can see the slightly bowed seatstay at Breezer’s product page for Venturi, which offers more flex.

Finally, check out the chainstays (bottom view here):


Test ride this and plenty of other bikes today and Sunday at the Sea Otter Classic 2012 near Monterey, CA.

Trivia: Breezer sport bikes are all named for something weather related.