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Small city outspends big oil in lobbying dollars

This is interesting: the small town of Vernon, California (population 112), spent more for lobbying than the Western States Petroleum Assocation in Sacramento.

Oil companies are historically the biggest spenders in Sacramento politics, but corruption in a small southern California city prompted a bonanza of lobbying dollars.


Transportation TLAs

Anybody with any government agency involvement knows bureaucracy’s love of Three Letter Acronyms (TLA for short), and California transportation departments are no exception to that rule.

Carlos at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition explains some common TLAs in use in our area, and why they matter to cycling advocates. If you’ve ever wondered why the MTC (our local MPO) requires a BAC before approving TDA funds for a MUP (perhaps to improve LOS as part of a TDM program that reduces SOV travel), go read his post.