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Monterey Bay region Complete Streets policy request for comments

The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) in California requests comments for their draft of a Complete Streets policy to guide transportation planning and spending in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties.

AMBAG is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Monterey Bay Region, and is responsible for allocating certain Federal and State funds to local agencies in this region. In August 2013, AMBAG adopted its Monterey Bay Area Complete Streets Guidebook. This guidebook does not establish policy, but provides design guidance for local agencies regarding best practices for Complete Streets design. It was groundbreaking in its assertion that planners and engineers are not compelled to use the Caltrans Highway Design Manual and AASHTO Green Book for many local streets.

AMBAG’s Complete Streets Policy will build upon these previous efforts by promoting a transportation system that is designed to be multimodal to safely and comfortably accommodate users of all ages and abilities. The Draft Complete Streets Policy has been released for public comment. Comments are due by March 15, 2024.

For details, visit https://www.ambag.org/plans/complete-streets

U.S. National Parks and dirt roads for bikes

The U.S. National Park Service published a new rule this morning authorizing park superintendents to open existing trails to bicycle use within park units under specific conditions, in accordance with appropriate plans and in compliance with applicable law. It also retains the current requirement for a special regulation to authorize construction of new trails for bicycle use outside developed areas.


Bikes = Economic Catastrophe

Will the US DOT recent policy change giving equal weight for multiple transportation modes result in ‘economic catastrophe’?

US Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood’s March 15 policy announcement favoring bicycle transportation received a lot of favorable press from bike wonks like you and I. The National Association of Manufacturers fears the impact this policy could have on “the efficient movement of freight.” (more…)

Caltrans adopts Complete Streets action plan

Caltrans Director Randell Iwasaki approved a Complete Streets Action Plan on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, directing state transportation agency employees to “view all transportation improvements as opportunities to improve safety, access, and mobility for all travelers in Calfornia and recognizes bicycle, pedestrian, and transit modes as integral elements of the transportation system.”


Roadblock for Huntsville bike safety campaign

After a series of cyclist fatalities in 2008, the city of Huntsville planned Alabama’s first ever bicycle awareness program in 2009. Huntsville’s bicycle program has been halted after the Alabama Department of Transportation rescinded the $197,000 grant to fund this program. (more…)