Need help with dooring laws in USA

I found 40 states have a law on the books prohibiting opening a car door into moving traffic. I know for a fact Virginia doesn’t have one because they’re debating the issue this week.

I can’t find a dooring statute for 9 other states. Before I report this as fact, if you happen to know otherwise please let me know.

The states without dooring laws (as far as I know): Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia

TIA for any help


  1. I would welcome such a law wherever there isn’t one. I would welcome cyclists not riding in door zones more. I’m not sure laws would really reduce their risk much.

    I hate this particular problem. Door-zone riding can move a cyclist through otherwise stopped bumper-to-bumper downtown traffic, which is the only time I’m tempted. Even then, splitting lanes is probably more safe than riding in that damned door zone. If traffic is moving, I simply take the lane and avoid the doors altogether. I’m off to read your Anti Dooring post now…

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