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A new wearable bike lock

Whilst bike messengers have long been known for wearing the Abus Steel-O-Flex around their waist a new bike lock is hoping to take it’s place as “the wearable bike lock”. It’s called the Hiplock and costs £69.99 (112 USD).

Worldwide bike registration

MyBikeNumber is a new startup which is aiming to offer an international bike registration system.

25 great cycle routes in.. anywhere!

Guest post by Andreas Kambanis author of London Cycle Routes eBook There comes a point in whatever city or town you cycle in that you get a little sick of riding in traffic. A taxi or a bus cuts into your path and you just think I want to get away! At some point I read more »

Google Streetview Trike contest winners announced

The Google Streetview team took nominations from the public for their favorite places the pedal-powered Streetview trike should visit to capture views of places that are not car accessible. Google announced the five winning locations this morning.

Hospital chief and his paralyzing bike crash

Dr. Brad Berk, chief executive of University of Rochester Medical Center, zipped down a hill on a road ride when he lost control of his bicycle and nearly died.

Pedaler Clothing Hoodie

NAHBS Attendees: See Pedaler Clothing at Carytown Bicycle Company, Richmond, VA. Details below. Once upon a time, a group of urban cycling friends in New York and Los Angeles got together talking about the dearth of cycling specific clothing that wasn’t stretchy skin-tight plastic. The East Coast / West Coast collaboration became Pedaler Clothing , read more »