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Bike sharing jobs and much more

Hi everyone! My apologies for not posting about bicycle jobs in a while. I’ve been super busy with a major design project at Plano Cycling & Fitness. Did you know we sell every Brooks saddle at prices that beat Amazon? We think that’s pretty cool. Okay, now that my shameless promotion is out of the way, read more »

Legendary framebuilder Bruce Gordon is looking for a business partner

  Framebuilder Bruce Gordon has been making classy touring bikes and gear for nearly four decades. He is seeking a partner to expand the sales, marketing, and web commerce side of the business. (Petaluma, CA) In his words: “I’m looking for a Partner, someone that compliments my skills. I make stuff – They market it… read more »

Bicycle advocacy jobs and more

  Hi everyone! Funding for bicycle advocacy and infrastructure on the local level must be doing alright because a bunch of jobs just became available in the past few weeks. See below for details – and remember to connect with me on LinkedIn or stop by my local bike shop to say hello. Advocacy Jobs: If you’ve got read more »

Bicycle Jobs in the Bay Area…and plenty of other places too!

  Greetings! There’s been a lot of activity in the bicycle biz this past couple of weeks. Below are the most spectacular and interesting opportunities I’ve found. If you have any feedback or know about any jobs I missed, please email me or join me on LinkedIn. Jobs in the Bay Area: The East Bay read more »

Bicycle wheel building jobs and more

  Merry (almost) Christmas Cycleicious community! Not too many bicycle jobs popped up this week, but there are a few that’ll let you get your hands dirty. Wheel Building Jobs: Wheel manufacturer Mavic is looking for a Service Center Technician with a knack for wheel building (Haverhill, MA). For some reason the State of Oregon is read more »

Bay Area Cyclists: Ride your bike in an upcoming Verizon commercial

  Verizon is seeking a cyclist for an upcoming commercial shoot in the Bay Area. Casting will be held Thursday, December 20th and Friday, December 21st. So if you’re a male cyclist between the ages of 30-38 and are white or hispanic, you might be able to pick up a quick $1500! Here are the read more »