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Bikes on platform of Florida gubernatorial candidate

How many candidates for high office highlight their love for cycling on their campaign material? Say hello to the Reverend Kyle “K.C.” Gibson, who plans to run for the Florida Governor’s office in 2014.

Kansas & Florida opt out of trail funding

The MAP-21 transportation funding passed by Congress last June included a controversial opt-out provision. States were given leeway to eliminate already anemic “enhancements” funding and use the whole enchilada for highway spending only.

Walk & Roll Central Florida

For several years, Jody Lazar and other parents have run a “Walk & Roll” program for their elementary and middle school children in Maitland, Florida (north of Orlando, FL).

Gene Hackman rides a bike

81 year old actor Gene Hackman was hit from behind by a car pickup truck as he rode his bicycle on Islamorada in the Florida Keys this afternoon. He’s been released from the hospital. No charges have been filed against the driver of the pickup truck who hit Hackman, according to the Miami Herald. More read more »

Passing distance vs distance from curb

Study shows gutter bunnies get squeezed; for maximum passing distance, ride three to four feet from the curb. The Florida Department of Transportation published a study [PDF] in which highway researchers measured how much room car and truck drives gave cyclists on Florida roads.

Road Rage and Florida’s 3 foot law

Judge throws out road rage assault case against cyclist in spite of video evidence. Florida has a three foot passing law, though you wouldn’t know it from watching Ken Bereski’s video in Miami Beach.