Bike parking heat map

Cycling Parking Heat Map enables visual comparison of bike parking density around the world.

Gregory Williams created a cycle parking heat map that shows the bicycle parking available around the world. His map view defaults on a view of Canterbury, England, but if you zoom out you can see a nice comparison between bike parking around the world.

As you can see, Europe is white hot with bike parking, while the United States just has a few scattered blooms of bike parking warmth.

Heat map compares density of bike parking facilities around the world

Gregory takes his bike parking data from the OpenStreetMap project, which might explain part of the difference — OSM users seem to be much more active in Europe and especially in the UK. Remember, if you have bike racks in your neighborhood, adding them to OSM involves just a few clicks and a drag and drop. Gregory’s heat map also makes use of the ‘capacity’ tag, so be sure to note how many bikes your local bike racks can take.

Cycle Parking Heat Map here.

(Note: Yes, I edited the map to remove a big chunk of the Atlantic ocean so the image would fit on the web page.)


  1. This is cool but it’s confusing to have white mean both an abundance of bike parking and a dearth. Maybe black for no bike parking?

  2. I agree, but I think that’s a function of how far I zoomed out on the map for the image capture. For closer zooms, there’s a slight difference between no racks and many racks.

  3. Neat. It’s pretty clear from OSM cyclemaps that the euros are putting way more on there (or just have way more to put on there anyway). I love the hot spot on Ithaca! I’m only half done too. I did notice that as I zoom in closer, the blob translates several times, showing racks all over the place that don’t actually exist (and go away as you zoom).

    I’m curious what sorts of programs use this bike parking data. OSM itself doesn’t even show it unless you turn on the “data” box, but even then, everything is just a green circle. Are there sites you’ve found that search for nearest bike rack? I haven’t searched around yet.

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