Bosch eBike

Privately owned Robert Bosch GmbH — the largest automotive component supplier in the world — sees the winds of change and has started an eBike subsidiary: Bosch Powertain Systems eBike.

Bosch has been working to develop a “Drive Unit,” an all-in-one package comprised of a 250 watt electric motor, control unit, sensors and battery pack. They recently announced a partnership with Cannondale to develop high performance drive systems for electric bicycles.

In their press release, Bosch notes their long experience in automotive engineering designing electronic control systems, which are, frankly, much beyond most bicycle electronics I’ve seen.


Nudge: Slow Roll to Maker Faire this weekend!


  1. Hey there. Personally, I think that E-bikes kind of mess up the joy of riding a bicycle. They may be useful, but I don't think that they are as enjoyable as normal bikes.

  2. I bought a Scott e-sub 20 on the 17 of May 2011, for 3800.— Swiss Francs (around 4500 US dollars !)

    The engine broke down two weeks later: bike working well, but engine dead, simply dead. And no, it wasn’t a battery failure, but really the engine itself.

    The seller was unable to fix it, Bosch wasn’t either: they sent a cable supposed to fix the failure, which wasn’t enough.

    Engine was sent to Germany, supposed to be repaired and mailed back on the 30 of june (5 weeks later !), which wasn’t the case. 

    Today (16th of July), my e-bike is still not repaired, Bosch so-called hotline (in fact Magura) keeps apologizing (but offering a light compensation)…

    Would you buy such a bike ?

    Sure I would’nt do such a mistake again !

  3. I bought the same bike from BikesXpress. They have wide range of Electric Bicycles as well BMX, Road, Beach Cruisers, commuter and many more.. They are offering best quality bikes around all over unite states.

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