Cleopatra Wong Yuin Ping

HER car rammed into a cyclist from the rear so hard that he flew and hit the front windscreen, cracking part of it, before rolling onto the road.

But Cleopatra Wong Yuin Ping, 30, thought the body that smashed into the windscreen was a rotten tree branch that had fallen.

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She did not bother to stop and continued driving her car along Holland Road. Wong was also unaware that her victim’s bicycle was stuck in the undercarriage of the Lexus ES300 belonging to her father, despite the noise of the bicycle scraping against the road.

The bicycle was dragged for about 2km before it was dislodged.

More at Asia One: Driver thought cyclist she hit was tree branch. H/T Wes.


  1. Is that a new feature? The windshield automatically makes roads hazards like cyclists appear like they are just a branch, so you don’t feel so bad about hitting them.

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