Happy Friday

7Up Vintage Bicycle pennant .

Paul talks about his experience with losing all of his high technology toys when the lights went out in Palo Alto Wednesday. The hub of Silicon Valley innovation and venture capital had no Internet, no cell phones, no 3G, no WiFi. There was no Facebook or Twitter or blogging if you were in the dead zone. You couldn’t even use your credit card or turn on your lights. Caltrain continued to run across Palo Alto because workers literally ran jumper cables from work trucks to the crossing signals.

Curtis wants a new bike. If you have a 52 cm Specialized Roubaix, he might want to talk to you.

Ken reviews the Camelbak Racebak.

BART loses Federal funding for Oakland Airport connector project.

TIGER: losers and winners.

Safe Routes to School in Silicon Valley.

Macrame Bicycles at Riding Pretty.

Beehive: Who buys velomobiles?

Air pollution and atherosclerosis.

Erik has his own list of links at Norcal Bikers.


  1. Battery powered radio is supposed to be one of those things everybody in earthquake prone California should have in our disaster preparedness kits, along with the flashlights, 3 day supply of water & food, and non-electric can opener.

  2. That ad up there is so totally groovy, I love it! They even got the dork disc (TM Cyclelicious!) on the back wheel! And, of course, thanks for the mention. Hope there's a window or two this week I can sneak in a pedal. But, more importantly, I hope the weather is nice for the upcoming Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival!

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