Gutter bunny facility!

Prefabricated concrete components fit into a roadside ditch for an instant sidepath / cycletrack.

Prefab concrete components fit into ditches for an instant bike path
Instant bike path: concrete covers for roadside drainage ditches

Prefab concrete bike path component

Dutch designer Jean-Paul de Garde invented these bike caissons to enable bike sidepath construction over a roadside ditch where lack of space would otherwise necessitate cutting down trees or additional land acquisition. Builders simply fit the prefabricated concreted components into an existing ditch for an instant bicycle sidepath.

From Fiets Beraad, via Ron @ Momentum Magazine.


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  5. I imagine a catchbasin is installed to collect silt / leaves / trash, as in any other storm drain. Cleaning is likely more expensive than the dredging that’s done on open ditches.

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