Monday News

Happy Monday, all. I took advantage of the break in the rain by busting out the (unfendered) road bike for a faster ride to work. Hopefully I’ll beat the rain before it rolls in this evening.

I saw a fabulous sight this morning in Menlo Park. No, it wasn’t the mini-skirted Derailleur girl Janel pictured here, but a little Chinese woman riding a folding bike down Willow Road with her young son perched on the top tube between her knees. How cool is that?

Derailleur Girl

I looked at Cyclelicious with Internet Explorer for the first time since the WP change and… it looks horrible. Egads! I’m using the “Constructor” theme because it was listed as a “featured” theme by WordPress. It already had an SEO strike against it (title and h1 tags are the same for each page, etc.), and some inflexible configurations; this IE incompatibility is its nail in the coffin. I never really liked the paragraph and font size styling for this theme. You’ll likely see more theme changes over the next few days as I experiment.

I’ve always thought that most people really do not like to drive, or at least drive all that much. Why would they otherwise be so constantly engaged in non-driving activities? How We Drive.

WIRED Gear Factor: Wallets made from old inner tubes.

WIRED Gadget Lab tours the inside of the Brooks saddle factory.

Instructables: A seemingly elegant mudguard (or fender) for fixed gear bikes.

Eco Velo: Go Cycle makes electric bikes. Except when they don’t.

Bike Intelligencer All Bike All the Time. (…and how about that redesign?)

Quickrelease: Sell cycling with positives, not safety.

Streetsblog: Can a new kind of fuel tax break Senate climate deadlock? Also, Federal transportation funding law expired over the weekend.

Dr. Wally Crankset’s advice for a would be hipster. My advice: farm equipment and sports team t-shirts are almost the definition of ironic apparel. Instead of the old Schwinn, Hipster In Training should look for Nirve’s John Deere bicycle for the ultimate in ironic statements. After that, he’ll have his choice from the fine selection at Hipster Wife Hunting.


  1. I've been meaning to ask if you could put a Home link or make the Cyclelicious graphic at the top take me back to the home page. When I click through from Reader the only way to get to the front page is to slice off the URL after the .us/

    I think I like that John Deere cruiser but not enough to risk my non-hipster status. Plus, I love my cruiser!

  2. Yeah, that's another thing I'm unhappy with on this theme is the sloppy way it tries to stick a graphic in the header. The only “solution” is to make the h1 and h2 text invisible, but there's a considerable search engine penalty for doing that.

    (There's a “homepage” link at the bottom of the post — bad place, I know and one of the things that will be fixed with theme changes).

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