Zinn Mountain Bike Maintenance 5th Edition

VeloPress announced a new, updated 5th edition of Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.

Leanord Zinn - Mountain Bike Maintenance 5th Edition book cover

I own the 4th Edition published five years ago, and it’s chock full of good, detailed, step by step repair and assembly instructions for every mountain bike component out there at the time. The book contains material that’s useful for maintaining your 90s mountain bike as well, and this is the book I use when I’m puzzling over commuter bike components.

As you might expect, the 2010 edition contains details on bike technology introduced since 2005, including BB30, BB92, PF24 cranksets, inertial valve suspension forks, and air sleeve rear shocks.

Other updates:

  • New step-by-step instructions, with highlighted text for easier, quicker reference.
  • Additional Pro Tips throughout, which provide repair shortcuts, explain and analyze choices in equipment and tools, and give overview on repair theory and practice.
  • Expanded coverage of tubeless tires, use of sealants, and tire sizing and choice.
  • New two-color interior.
  • 29-inch wheel gear chart.
  • Revised and expanded troubleshooting index.
  • Revised and expanded torque tables.

The 5th Edition even includes sections on belt drives and internal gear hubs, which are completely ignored in almost every other general audience bike repair book I’ve seen.

Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.


  1. I have read so many books like but this one is different its is really full of great information about maintaining your mountain bike performance and appearance.

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