Spring in the East Bay

I love spring time in California!

Sheep Herd Ahead

Me on the Kona Band Wagon during a lunch ride to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Alameda County (the East Bay), right along San Francisco Bay.

I set the camera on the ground for a self timer shot. The initial shot didn’t work because the camera pointed too far down to the ground. I hunted for a stick or rock to prop the camera up and spotted what I thought was the perfect rock. As I reached down to pick it up this ‘rock’ ran away! It was a little ground squirrel who was pretty well camouflaged until he moved.


  1. *blush* Thanks Alan. I consider it high praise coming from the master of fantastic bike shots. Composition could be better, but I was running very late and had to run back to work (my lunch ride ended up taking nearly 2 hours!)

  2. I have an old school (developed onto paper) shot of a herd of sheep I ran into on a MTB ride at Brian Head in 1991. Somewhere…

  3. I ride there during lunch all the time! I know exactly where you took that shot. I'll keep my eyes open for sheep leavings next time.

  4. I saw many many cyclists out there, Guru. I came in on the levee trail from the Dumbarton Brdge but didn't get inland too far — I'd like to explore a little more when I have the time. It looks like a gorgeous open space.

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