1. At this location, the tracks cross the road at a very sharp angle. Also, this is in a rural location and the roadway is bumpy at the tracks. I imagine some people probably have fallen here.

    I’ve never seen anybody actually dismount and walk across the tracks, but everybody does take extra caution at this rail crossing.

  2. Ahh, I see the situation of there. It is such that everybody has only to get off a vehicle there for safety without a man of Tarzan^^,right?. Thanks.

  3. I’d bet this has more to do with liability than anything else. If a cyclist falls due to the tracks, he’ll have a harder time proving that the crossing was faulty and hazardous. He was warned, after all.

  4. It’s for their own good … so they can’t be sued when some doofus bites it on the tracks.

    Up here in King County, WA, a fellow crashed pretty hard on a pothole and was very seriously injured. Since the route was marked as a bicycle route on the County Bike Map, his family successfully sued the county for millions. Now there’s a disclaimer on the map stating that they make no guarantees for the condition of the road, even if it is marked as a good bicycle route.

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