Walmart: Genesis Track One fixed gear bicycle


The Genesis Track One bike with fixed / singlespeed flip flop hub. Unlike the sold out Mongoose Cachet, the Track One “features the best of both worlds – single speed and direct drive.” Somehow, this bike also has “triple ring alloy crank with low hill climbing gear,” while “top tube cable routing keeps shifting and braking smooth” on this “21 speed” dual function bike.

Genesis Track One Walmart Fixed Gear Bicycle

Other notable features: kickstand, steel frame, snazzy graphics, and always low prices. Shipping weight is listed as 42 lbs, and a reviewer at “estimates” the frame size is somewhere between 49 cm to 52 cm. “I am guessing the gear is around a 48/20,” he continues.

There was a video of somebody reviewing the bike last week, but apparently Bike Snob hurt the reviewer’s feelings so the video is now gone.


  1. According to the Walmart site, it's a “Fixed-Speed” and not a fixed-gear. It begs the question, what “speed” is it “fixed” to?

  2. pretty good deal considering you get a bike, a wheel with a flip flop hub, and a freewheel cog, all for $150…just make sure you paint that thing.

  3. This one does have a flip flop hub with cogs on both sides. The earlier Cachet is also flip flop, but with a cog only on the singlespeed side.

  4. bought this bike expecting to have a beater bike that I could use to commute, then, eventually upgrade the parts after a month or so of use and eventually making a better bike out of it. But after riding it for 2 DAYS, LESS THAN 20 MILES, the right pedal stripped the thread inside the crank and fell off and the back of the seat was torn at the seam. Luckily I was only going about 10 miles an hour, had I been going 20 or had the hub been set into the fixed position the result could have been dangerous. I'm glad I got the bike, and not gotten injured than anyone else buying this thing and getting injured. This probably would have been a much better deal if Wal-Mart were just selling the frame for 50 bucks, it probably would be worth it and more honest. The knock-off parts like the pedals, crank, brakes, tires, wheels, and handlebar all feel like toys. If you spend $150 and expect to get more than 1 month use out of it, its probably unrealistic. Expect to spend $150 dollars and at least $150 more to get this bike up to snuff.

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