Interbike fashion show call for models

Momentum Magazine once again hosts their popular bicycle fashion show at Interbike in Las Vegas this September.

Historically, Momentum fashion show organizers have Shanghaied their models from the Interbike show floor. This year, they turn to the Interwebs for their models. If you’re chosen, Momentum pays for your accomodations (and who wouldn’t want to share room with Amy and Mia?) and maybe help out with your travel to Vegas.

Momentum uses normal people with normal proportions for their bike fashion shows. This video from 2009 shows some of what’s involved.

The Momentum people are a ton of fun, you’ll get to play dress up, and you’ll earn your 15 minutes of fame as thousands of bike nerds applaud while you ride a brand new bicycle across the fashion runway.

To be considered, email mia at momentumplanet dot com, and include a photo in your email.

I’ll be there shooting photos; I’d love to know if you’re selected so I can look out for you.

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  1. That’s a super fun idea.  I’m all set for credentials at Interbike but I haven’t totally decided if I’m going yet or not.  I am going to do my best and one of the highlights will be meeting up with you.


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