Ultra Motor / A2B bankruptcy

Ultra Motor Ltd, which manufactures and sells the A2B electric bike, has filed for the UK equivalent of bankruptcy reports Bike EU.

A2B eBike Police Model

Ultra Motor was founded in 2003 to develop drive-trains and power electronics technologies for electric vehicles. In September 2008, Ultra Motor launched its first product line in the United States – the A2B brand.


  1. Hmm, I think this Bridgestone is cooler than the one. If you don’t attache the rear option child seat it is a normal bike though… http://mamabicycle.blogspot.com/2011/11/papa-bicycle-new-black-electric-bike.html This is my thought, bye.

    PS, I almost mistook A2B for AKB :).

  2. Ah,,, sorry. Anyway, AKB48 is a kind of monster celebrity in Japan. AKB is an abbreviation of Akihabara in Tokyo. 48 means the numbers of girls’ associates.  Everyone knows the girls in Japan. 

  3. I am understanding that you have understand what AKB48 is and what I meant to say. ; ) Good night. ( I rarely drank tonight. )

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