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Happy Friday!

I know Biking Viking and the rest of you in America east of the Rocky Mountains are suffering through a heat wave, but it’s jacket weather here in California in the middle of July. That means perfect weather for tonight’s San Jose Bike Party ride. The theme: “Mad Science.” Tonight’s ride starts promptly at 8 PM from Taylor & 9th in San Jose, with various feeder rides to the start. Confidential to Ian: No idea yet if I’ll be there or not.

Yes, of course I’m on the Google+ bandwagon. My biggest circle so far is “Smelly Bike Hippies.” Click the Google Plus icon to the right for my personal profile. I have some invites if you need one — please leave a comment. Disqus sends your email address to me if you fill that field — I’ll need that to send to Google if you want a G+ invitation.

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Busting stereotypes about smelly bike hippies. Via Kent.

Inside Le Tour: Getting there.

[Ad] My friends at the Bike Shop Hub have a sale going through August 2 on Burley Trailers: Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer, Nomad Bike Cargo Trailer, Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer, Burley dLite Bike Child Trailer, and Burley Tail Wagon Bike Dog Trailer. Check it out!

Seen on Craigslist: Used bike lane free for the taking. Via Torontoist. The city of Toronto is expending tremendous political effort to remove bike lanes there.

An illustration of Rule #7:

US Consumer Product Safety Commission establishes new standards for lead in toys. Pediatric researcher Dana Best, MD, advocated last February in a CPSC hearing for the lower 100 PPM limit for bicycles because she’s believes people will ingest lead by licking bicycles. If you’re licking your bike, you’re likely already brain damaged.

Thor Hushovd rules. See also a most beautiful win.

Championship Colors

Chrome This is my city photo contest.

Ouch: I hope this woman is okay!

bicycle crash into water

From Human Transit, a nice essay on Permanent Weather and the Civic Image. Stay cool!


  1. Surfing the heatwaves in Oklahoma since 2011. Best regards from Norman, and if you still have a Google+ invite available, I’d love one.

  2. Would be great to get going on Google+. I could go for setting up a ‘smelly bike hippies’ circle as well.  Plus some other curiously grouped cycling stuff.


  3. Video of that bike jump: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTi_Zpl9MFk That place in Alpine Utah has really become popular — I visited it while in college in the mid 90s.

  4. I love the new google + and its circles. Google makes it so easy just posting things to the people you want to inform and not everybody like in facebook! Just lovin it. if somebody needs invites -contact me!

  5. Video of woman cartwheeling off the bike was reviewed on =3 this week, woman is OK and was able to leave the water under her own power and did not appear to have suffered even superficial injuries.

    Worst…tanlines…ever.  Seriously a good argument against racing gear and lycra when a pair of board shorts and no shirt works…

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