Bike blogs for 2011

A lot of social media activity has migrated over this past year to portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr, but several new cycling blogs have caught my attention and yours in 2011.

James Schwartz in Toronto publishes two to three article per week in The Urban Country to advocate for using bicycles as transportation in North America to improve our cities, our people, and the world. Through his related Rate My Velo website, James seeks to show the world that bicycles are for more than just sport. He even has a “Photo of the Day” web gadget.

Another fantastic newcomer for 2011 is Bikey Face in Boston. Her blog is a fun collection of her bikey face drawings, and it’s a good reminder of why I began Cyclelicious in the first place. Sometimes I focus way too much on inequities, injustices and politics, get a little bit angry, and Byron @ Bike Hugger chimes in with “Bro, how is this advocacy?

Bikey Face Self Portrait

Darryl in Austin began publishing Loving The Bike in 2010, but his blog really took off in popularity and quality this year. I love his positive encouragement. Those on Twitter undoubtably also know of his popular Thursday night #BikeSchool discussions.

More Bicycle Blogs for 2011

Bike Newport Beach.

Bike Overnights is the Adventure Cycling Association’s resource portal to inspire you to try a short overnight bike trip.

Dandy Horse Magazine: “Toronto on Two Wheels”

The Bird Wheel is New York fashion designer Nona Varnado’s blog for women cyclists.

Art of the Group Ride.

Gravel Bike: chronicles the adventures of riding on road, dirt and gravel along the Colorado Front Range.

It’s all Cyclelogical “Design and Ideas.”

Biking In Memphis.

Help! My Chain Came Off is Jemma’s diary of two small wheels versus one big city. No lycra, no talk of cranks and latex filled inner tubes, just Jemma and her bicycle and the cycle lanes of London.

Talking Treads — all about all kinds of bikes.

UK Daily Cycle.

Silliness and user ratings at Recumbent Porn.

Chateau A Velo: “The life and times of a 4 season Bike Commuter in Wisconsin.”

Bicla.Ro in Romania, which I’ve noticed because George there occasionally links to Cyclelicious articles.

Space Cranks: “Bringing upvision to the internet,” by Peter from Denmark and Mark from Canada.

RAM Cycling is road cycling in Georgetown, Kentucky.

One Less Minivan in Chicago.

Alpe d’Huez to Mossy Hill.

Yet more bike love from Toronto at 416 Cycle Style. is a fun cycling news aggreagator.

I’m looking forward to seeing new good stuff from these newcomers and more for 2012. Thanks so much to all of you who let me know of these new cycling blogs! Thank you also for your continued support here at Cyclelicious.


  1. Thank you Richard….and Cyclelicious.  We appreciate you mentioning us in this post and for the very kind words.  You’re a true gentleman and wicked cool bike advocate.  Keep up the fantastic job, my friend.


  2. You better get a few comments from regular followers 😉   Interesting that the bikey face person brags about 0% spandex… when I heard on NPR that now, almost everything has spandex to accommodate our expanding forms…

  3. My wife and mother-in-law like to complain about how it is now nearly impossible to buy women’s jeans without spandex in them. Personally, I like a little stretch in my slacks particularly when I’m on a bike.

  4. Thanks for highlighting my blog & rate my velo Richard! I just got back from Florida so stay tuned for some thoughts on an interesting cycle culture in Florida that I observed. Cheers!

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