George the bike thief

Security video catches “George” in the act of stealing a Trek 5500 OCLV bicycle from a bike parking area in San Francisco.

I’m amazed how long the thief loiters among the bikes. He pulls a sweatshirt of jacket out of his backpack to hide his bolt cutter.

The victim says he’s a new employee at the building and didn’t realize bikes inside the building are prohibited. When building security wouldn’t permit him to bring the bike in, he ran to Ace Hardware and “bought the best cable lock I could find there.”

After the theft victim posted his appeal online, somebody contacted him and told him the thief’s name is George.

Via Jym the Scorcher.

Steal bikes and get beat

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  1. …i hope “george” finds justice at the hands of some seriously pissed off sf street cyclists who know that legal channels take forever & don’t really change behavior…

    …perhaps i’m being callous but i doubt “george” is a first time offender so the lesson needs to be something he’s going to understand & remember, should he get “the urge” in the future…

    …just sayin’…

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