Wish I had fenders

We have gorgeous weather in Santa Cruz and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area — sunny blue skies with mild temperatures equate to perfect bike riding temperatures.

Autumn is also deer rut season.

As I biked to work this morning, I saw a city worker scooping the remains of a deer near my home. An hour and ten miles later, I zoomed at 30 MPH around a sharp bend on Old Santa Cruz Highway and through the still slick remains of another dead deer. Small bits of gore and fur flew up into my face. Fenders would have been helpful.

Maybe somebody can distill that experience into a haiku?

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Can anybody recommend carnage-proof fenders for me?


  1. As the Blue City Cycles Haiku Contest 2010 winner, I feel obligated to help out. (I reserve the right to re-use a line or two from my winning entry) 

    Deer guts on the road
    Hiding around a blind curve
    Perhaps some fenders?

  2. I was using SKS P45 fenders before, and upgraded to SKS Longboard fenders, mostly because the fit the color scheme of my new bike 😀 but also because they have great coverage. I thought about VO fenders, but they only have one strut per side which worried me – SKS has 2. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I ride with Wald Middleweight fenders on my RANS Fusion, but I have this bike set up more as a city bike/grocery getter than a bike for making long rides on. I used to have to shave my legs every summer because of the tiny rocks and bits of glass that were putting tiny cuts between my ankles and my knees every summer after I shed the tights and long socks of winter, but with the Middleweights I went all year with hairy, uncut legs. Because of the unusual rake and angle of the fork on the Fusion I had to buy 2 sets and cut down a rear fender to get proper coverage that didn’t throw water from the top of the tire into my face while still getting enough coverage on the back of the tire to keep the projectile junk from cutting up my legs.

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