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One of my Facebook friends from Colorado has a question that maybe you can help me with.

I am currently working on a couple projects to get the locals business on board with promoting cycling. Of course, it comes down to their bottom line, and what’s in it for them. Do you have any links or information you can share on bicycle commuters effect on local business, and or cause and affect of shopping local?

Any ideas? Thanks!


  1. Seems like had a story about how removing 2 on-street parking spots in favor of multiple bike racks have increased business, but i’d have to dig around to find it. I’ll post when i find it.

  2. I had that in mind too but couldn’t find it. The link to the BIkes Belong resources that GE provided in another comment had that information, though. Thanks!

  3. The city of Wilmington, DE is putting a plan in place. I can dig up more info and send it to you. The gist is that merchants will give people who come to their stores on bikes a discount. The bonus for the businesses is free advertising by the City Bike Council.

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