Police deadly force to defend helpless car

Okay, I exaggerate a little.

San Francisco police responded to reports Tuesday morning of a knife wielding man in a wheelchair who was slashing tires on a car.

The wheelchair guy was apparently acting like a lunatic when one of the initial responding officer tried to control him with pepper spray, got too close and was stabbed. Several other officers arrived thereafter and, after a short standoff in the middle of 10th Street, knife man was shot with a beanbag shotgun and a handgun.

Raw cellphone video here — it’s an intense situation with strong language. The stabbed officer and the disabled suspect are both recovering from their injuries with non-life-threatening injuries, and of course the second guessing has begun!


  1. Proper use of non-deadly force.

    You stab or slice an officer and you’ve escalated the situation beyond your control.

  2. The pepper spray and shotgun bean bag are considered non-lethal, but the service firearm is definitely deadly force.

    My guess: cop clenched his trigger finger when he heard the shotgun boom.

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