Serenity Prayer

Tuesday’s Child is full of grace, but a South African driver apparently forgot that ditty when he allegedly hopped out of his car to punch cyclist Andrew Wheeldon of the Bicycle Empowerment Network. Police say they are investigating. (Note: “Red Robot” is South African for “red light,” which is pretty cool.)

Compare against last week’s episode in Portland, Oregon. Joe Santos was riding his bike to work when the driver allegedly ran over Santos’s bike on purpose. Portland Police Sergeant Santos reported the assault and hit-and-run to his co-workers.

A Colorado cyclist caught a car passenger harassing him with his bike mounted cameras, and police cited the driver and passenger.

Lord, grant me the serenity to co-exist with the usual crop of intexticated obliviots, the courage to put with the occasional road raging moron, and the wisdom to know the difference.


  1. I stole “intexticated” from Tom Vanderbilt (the guy who wrote the book “Traffic”). I think “obliviots” comes from Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame.

  2. We need to get stories like this to local news outlets. If word gets out that some cyclists have cameras, MAYBE aggressors would think about their antisocial behavior more.

  3. I’m the guy who put the video up. My website is I’m working with several camera manufacturers to find a way to provide cyclists with video recorders inexpensively. Since this event, I have a camera on all of my bikes and use them each time I go for a ride. Colorado, CBS Channel 4 did a report on this event and the word is out that cyclists may be filming!
    Paul (BtBoP)

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