Bike Hanger vertical bicycle storage

Manifesto Architecture created a rotating, ferris-wheel design for a vertical bike storage facility that was submitted to a design competition in Seoul, Korea.

Ferris Wheel vertical bicycle rack Seoul Korea

Instead of taking up space on the street or sidewalk, this bike rack in the sky is mounted on the side of a building, utilizing the space above an alleyway between buildings. Each “Bike Hanger” can hold 20 to 36 bicycles.

The design assumes a bicycle with a top tube — a better design would accommodate step-through frames along with a way to effectively lock the bike to the bike hanger.

The cyclist (or attendant?) rotates the ferris wheel, hangs his bike on crossbar, and hopefully locks his bike to it. To retrieve the bike, the cyclist brings the bike back down from whatever height it’s stored.

A power failure won’t leave a cyclist hanging — each system is pedal powered! You sit on an exercise bike to turn the ferris wheel.

Bike Hanger operation detail

More info and renderings at Arch Daily, via Fast Company Design, via NYT Spokes.


  1. I’d do the opposite. Tie a bunch of helium balloons to it. Then any thief would have a hard time getting to my bike.

  2. I’m waiting for the company to build a test model so that people who are in charge of procuring these for cities and properties can see it in action.

    There are too many “high-falutin’ ” designs but no one ever has the courage (or funds, I guess) to build them.

  3. That is totally awesome. I don’t like to leave my bike locked outside (part of why I have a Montague folding bike), but this is genius. I think my Montague could probably fit on it too.

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