Waterwings, earbuds, and thongs

From a distance, this woman’s orange jacket looked like water wings to me. I didn’t realize it was a jacket until I was right behind her. Foothill Expressway in Santa Clara County, CA.

Water wings?

Adrienne complains about those bikers with earbuds.

LA Cycle Chic and a new bike shop.

Tern bikes has QR Codes. I’m told Airborne also uses QR on their bikes.

Kent teaches you on teaching bike riding for beginners.

DOT: “That phone call wasn’t worth my daughter’s life.”

Bike infrastructure in Lviv, Ukraine.

A wireless electronic bike brake. Needs work, but I can see the utility of this for things like mountain biking or handicapped cyclists.

The fashionable cyclist: Why let a little rain get you down?

Transpo Secretary Ray Lahood says communities should embrace bikeway design guide. Lahood also announced he’ll quite Obama’s administration in 2014.

Adrienne again, this time on exposed thong underwear.

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. earbuds are a blight no matter what you are doing. blocking your senses from your environment doesn’t seem like a good idea unless you are in a safe protected place. it certainly doesn’t belong on the road or bike path where you cant hear someone trying to pass you (or warn you of danger)

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